Uncle Buildy has been a machine builder and automation specialist for over forty years.

He has been avidly and relentlessly pursuing inventions and designs for self sufficient homesteads and homestead building. Uncle Buildy lives in Russia with his wife and three young children. He has managed to acquire a small dacha property (just the land) and is anxious to begin implementing most of the systems described on this site there.

Uncle Buildy is an articulate voice from the blue collar skilled trades culture. He has seen what corporate malfeasance, and ideologically driven management has done to American industry. There will be commentary, but not just to complain. We do need to understand what has happened to us, but that’s useless without solutions. Uncle Buildy aims to discuss solutions. Not political solutions. The time is past for that.

Uncle Buildy has real solutions! Here at this site, Uncle Buildy will write articles that will show you what is needed to break free from the loaded economic game we’ve been trapped in. He will provide verbal descriptions of systems and tactics for building, or improving your own homestead, wherever it may be. Any climate, any soil, any country, city or boondocks. He will post sketches and blueprints of useful devices for your benefit. Uncle Buildy has just started. `

Uncle Buildy is good at thinking and making things. He is not good at marketing, IT, or bean counting.

He practices what he preaches. He only asks that if you derive any benefit or enjoyment out of his articles, plans and blueprints, to please send a little something to help him continue creating. Uncle Buildy is now at a point where he can no longer rely on making his living the way he has in the past. The infernal virus (or whatever it is) came at a most inopportune time. Uncle Buildy hopes that the honor based economy he is establishing on this website will pay well enough to make a modest living for at least a little while. If you can’t contribute don’t feel bad, just share and spread the news.

We all get what we pay for in our lives. If you gladly pay for television shows and movies made by degenerate millionaires instead of books and websites made by folks like you, That is, folks that have some experience and wisdom in particular areas, or have certain gifts, You will erase yourself. If you continue to pay for Chinese made goods and fast food from big corporations, instead of supporting local craftsmen and folks like yourselves, you will erase your culture. If there are no craftsmen to make what you need, read my posts and articles. We’ll get you up and running to fill that position soon enough.

Thank you for looking, and I would love to hear from you if you are building a homestead. I would also love to hear from you if you are organizing a community. I have my email and banking information posted on this site, and hope to receive friendly mail and some support. If you do contribute please send an email with contributor  in the subject line because I promised my Mum I would always write thank you notes.

I welcome suggestions along the lines of what you like, and what you want to see more of on this site. Thanks for stopping by.

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