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It is not you, It’s them

Does it seem like your government, your media, schools, the company you work for, and all the world’s institutions are completely alien to you now? Why is this so, how did it happen, and more importantly what can you do about it?

If you are a small businessman or regular working stiff, you likely haven’t given millions of dollars to your favorite politician. I doubt that you could afford to fund think-tanks and lobbying groups that influence policy. You can’t advocate for special schemes that recirculate tax money into your own private “charities” and NGOs where you can pretend to help remediate some social problem while you are actually consolidating power, and training “experts” and paying for new regulations to establish the procedures that are most profitable to you. No you can’t afford that, and even if you could, I should hope that you are too moral to engage in such nasty exploitative behavior.

Billionaire technocrats are very different from us. They are enthusiastic about things that you and I find horrifying. And they want to change you. They want unlimited control over what you believe and how you act. Passing laws that constrain what they can do to you is not Socialism or Communism. Those categories become pretty meaningless when you dig a bit through the archives, and find out the Bolshevik revolution was financed by the most powerful corporations of the time. The most powerful of our time have already bought the media, the government, and the educational system. Now even the means people have for effectively making their opinions and concerns public are being censored. Did you know that the internet was paid for by your tax dollars? Did you know that the “brilliant” lads that supposedly became tech billionaires by supposedly inventing operating systems and such in their garages have had lots of covert help from front groups of the military industrial complex and the intelligence organizations?

There is much evidence that these top tech “entrepreneurs” are actually just a marketing face put in front of the corporations/intelligence projects to deceive you. Of course they are private enterprises. That would exempt them from the kind of legal action people could take if the government was doing the things that they do. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the like may just be marketing characters no different than Ronald McDonald, or Mr. Whipple. You paid for the internet, but now someone else who is invisible and unaccountable dictates how you may use it. Someone else gets the profit from it. Your corporate bought and paid for government now hides behind private business to do what ever they want to do to you now. Who wrote Obama care? The insurance and pharmaceutical corporations of course. We haven’t learned anything? Or we just haven’t been able to do anything about it.

You can’t do much without a smartphone these days. But does the smartphone really unlock any possibilities that do not go through a gatekeeper’s bottleneck, controlled by nameless, faceless entities that have no real location? Your location is important to them. But they have no location. The advantage is theirs. The same is true with banks now. They have become unaccountable. They can dock you unfairly, make you pay to cash a check issued by them, some even charge you for getting cash. My bank started charging double, then triple for my phoned in wire transfers I had to use to support my family. Then they changed it to where I had to come to a branch in person each time. They told me that this was “to fight money laundering and terrorism”. Well we all have to make sacrifices for that right? But then they told me that if I opened a “premium account”, I could go back to doing it on my phone for free. Having a premium account means keeping a $500,000 balance. So sacrificing for homeland security is just for blue collar working stiffs that don’t have a half million dollars to keep in the bank at all times. Anyone paying attention for the last few years has likely come to believe that most real terrorism is funded by US tax dollars.

Do you want to stop the unaccountably of corporations and governments? Do you want to stop them from fleecing you? Do you want to stop the culture being purposefully dismantled? Do you want to stop the media from repeatedly stampeding herds of malinformed and/or stupid people to trample all over your few remaining liberties and economic freedoms? Would you like to stop the entertainment industry and their disgusting celebrities from inciting riots, insurgencies and provocations against our history and traditions? Well, do you?

Then stop giving them money! It is as easy as that. Sorted! Stop listening to them. Of course you have to pay your taxes, but there are ways to minimize them. Paying for Netflix, cable, movies in any form, and buying licensed chintz from corporate merchandise peddlers only feeds the beast that wants to eat you. You are making it stronger. Stop it. Stop it now. Yes it is kind of difficult now, but the time is approaching when there will be no escape. If you want to survive, you will either have to completely submit to them, or become very self sufficient. I choose the later. My grand parents were self sufficient and your ancestors were likely as well. On this website I aim to examine all aspects of building economical self sufficient home steads. More than that, it is very important to network with others and co-ordinate groups of self sufficient specialists to back each other up locally, and form communities with. I am not being ironic when I say that it is undesirable to be self sufficient all by yourself.

This site will examine the aspects of forming a network of self sufficient communities. If done on a large enough scale, you can have a local citizen media to show what you are doing. This will provide some good faith capital with the general public, and perhaps prevent the corporate media from effectively demonizing the community. It will also inspire others to opt out of the corporate system and join in. Citizen lobbyists, and legal specialists can be appointed to hold politicians accountable at least locally.

An agenda can easily be compiled that has simple, clearly defined points that all honest, hardworking, and well meaning people will be happy to get behind.

Meet local non corporate craftsmen and farmers to get what you need. If you read the laws carefully, you’ll find that they can not require them to close or mandate mask wearing. They’ll try, but if we stick together, and make it cost something we win. Procedure followers are by nature cowards and won’t ever change unless forced to by a worse threat than the one they have accepted from their managers. If no one is making something a lot of folks need, maybe you can fill that need and make a business of it.

The most critical thing, and the first step for many, is to start supporting people who are like you, and who share your beliefs. Get your news from them. I know many citizen journalists who have endured much hardship trying to get the truth out. We all have intuition. We mostly know if someone is lying to us. If it is a big money operation, they are probably corporate made. Most charities and many churches are not what they seem. They are there to recirculate the cash to the proper foundations and not only work to manipulate and social engeneer the public, but they get them to pay for it as well. I can give a number of example I have discovered personally.

If you see someone doing something that you think there should be more of, for god’s sake give them a little something. You pay your cable bill don’t you? You pay for movies? Of course you can do whatever you like, but I’m telling you it’s not really market driven in the way they want you to think. They are lying to you. They are trying to manipulate you and change you in very negative ways. They do not deserve your money. Take a stand. It will do your mind and soul wonderful good.

I aim to writ articles like you just read and the others here on this site full time, and offer free plans and blueprints and videos. I appreciate support in any form. If you want to help, feel free to give a little tip, and/or share this site with people you think it would interest. Thanks for reading.

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