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The politics needed for true local control. Or how to begin organizing a village.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Boffo decentralization.

The necessity of forming a viable, well ordered, parallel (citizen) media to represent and inform free yeomen farmers and craftsmen, and the first steps needed.

In the early 30’s, in East Central Arkansas, when the depression set in My Mother’s Father sold everything he had in town, bought the largest tract of land he could handle, as far away from civilization as he could get. The area he chose was in the middle of a huge, swampy virgin forest, known then as the big woods. There were no roads within several miles at that time. The state government wanted to see it developed, and would give you a title to as much as you wanted for one dollar an acre. The only cravat was that you had to live there, build permanent structures, drain, clear, and improve the land. He built a house out of logs and stones, roofed it with shakes he split himself from white oak, planted the largest, and most varied garden he could manage, got some chickens and pigs, and lived quite well with his wife, five children, and his elderly father. I grew up fascinated, by, and paying close attention to the stories my Mother and Uncles told of those times. One of my Uncles lived on the original site of the cabin. He built a huge stone house and tool shed, cleared and farmed a thousand odd acres in the surrounding area, which is now almost all flat, level rice and bean land. The place is still occupied by my Cousin.

Could something like this be done now? Certainly things have changed. The powers that were then, wanted development. They profited from it, and had to allow a good deal of freedom to let it happen. The international banks were just beginning to gain control of society, and massive tomes of arbitrary regulations and ordinances had not yet been implemented. The powers that be now, are satisfied with the level of development already in place. What they want now is control, and lots of it.

My Grandfather also had an advantage many did not have. He was raised in Idaho Territory in the 1880’s. His father was an Army scout after the Civil War. (This was certainly not a glamorous or prestigious job at that time, as scouts were generally private contractors and mostly renegade Indians and Negros.) My point is, he didn’t scare easily, didn’t trust authorities, was not impressed by society’s idea of prestige, wasn’t afraid of big projects, and hen had some serious skills. The reason they wound up in Arkansas, is because his father’s biggest moneymaking scheme was stopped in it’s final stage by the Federal government, supposedly because of an equine epidemic.

In 1898, George Rutledge Kennedy rounded up 2000 head of wild horses in Idaho, hired several Mexican cowboys, and a family of Chinese servants and headed back East to his boyhood home of Tennessee to retire in style. Federal troops stopped him at the Mississippi river in 1900, claiming he was bringing the horse plague and yellow fever with him. He often told that he was certain that it was merely the lobbying efforts of the powerful horse trade associations in Tennessee that were really behind the issue. Indeed it is not uncommon for ones dreams and plans to be dashed by the greed, avarice, and caprice of the rich and powerful.

The dream of merely being self sufficient, and left alone to craft your own place under your own fig tree, and enjoy the fruits of your own labor is assaulted from all sides these days, And I think our present predicament tells us the unscrupulous are still willing to use accusations of “spreading sickness” to force us all into their plantation on their terms.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a builder. You want to make and grow things as the Almighty intended, and trade and share without parasitic usurers forcing you to partake of their nightmarish systems. We are all builders, and farmers. (Or at least dream of being such.) The only way we can safeguard our dreams is to organize. We must work together and implement certain cooperative safeguards and systems to help support and defend each other from the depredations and humiliations of of the greed-heads, their goons, and their misinformed enthusiasts. To do this effectively, there must be some sort of political architecture.

Ahhhhgh! He said the P word!

OK, calm down. I will explain what I mean by “political architecture”. It is not what you think. I am most certainly not speaking of the loaded game of American politics. Not the ossified corrupt ruined carcass of the donkey and the elephant. Not some old, or new third party either. The rules have been rigged long ago by the system managers who prefer only dialectic steering via thesis vs antithesis. (Or, rather, the false dichotomy.)

When I say political architecture, I mean the necessary organizational mechanisms that filter, and vet those who hold any office with financial, informational, or police powers. The political architecture idea that I would like us to explore, is one that will allow for transparent, open, and fair rules and procedures that ensure that the most honest, diligent, hard working, knowledgeable, intelligent and fearless people that can be found will have a place of influence and prestige in each department or guild which makes up our little society. There have to be mechanisms for politely, but efficiently weeding out the gamers and gammas, poop throwers, Bible lawyer pharisees, the self serving, the hornswoggolers, infiltrators, wreckers, and stooges. How to do this? Seems like an overwhelming and impossible task.

So was driving 2000 head of horses from Idaho to the Mississippi river in 1898. So was clearing over a thousand acres of swampy woodland in the mid 1950’s

“When a true genius appears in the world, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him.” Jonathon Swift.

(The word genius should be thought of in the original sense, of someone of great accomplishments, not someone with high number assigned to their ability to take tests.) We really do need men of genius to be at the helm of our institutions in this perilous time. Real geniuses, not corporate approved procedure followers. What we are living under right now is a political process that has been corrupted to assure that only the very worst people available are put into position. What is needed is to construct and implement a parallel system that does the opposite. Thus, when a true genius appears, he will have some protection from the confederacy of dunces and evil wreckers that arise against him, and give him some room to function.

Any time a group of dissident people assemble to engage in commerce, build a comfortable place for themselves, and provide for their own needs, The parasitic system people descend upon them like a swarm of ravenous locusts. What is worse, is that any attempts of self organization carries the threat of becoming a parallel government. If the existing government’s command structure gets a whiff of it, a closed meeting will take place, and someone will be assigned to neutralize that threat, quietly and efficiently. The project could start with slander articles in the media, it could involve infiltrators to cause problems internally, or to Judas goat the project into a devastating trap. New legislation is quickly passed to “protect the public”, A new (and very lucrative) synthetic project will pop up from seemingly out of nowhere that looks just like the organic original. It will be well funded, backed by all the right people, and even have the same enemies as the original. Suddenly all the organic supporters will migrate over to the new synthetic, more successful organization. The synthetic organization will need volunteers, donations, and supporters. They will often sell ads and products. They’ll have lots of slick media right out of the gate. But no one will really have a say so in anything. The steering will be done only by the project managers in closed secret meetings. No one will profit from it but the selected board members and propagandists. I have seen it happen with citizen journalists and truther websites sites many times.

This is not paranoia. Small town councils have been subject to “Delphi techniques” by specially trained NGO apparatchiks since the ‘90s. I have an alarming amount of first hand experience with these types of scenarios myself, as a former outlaw motorcycle hood in my youth, and later when I was researching militias and other serious opposition organizations in the US in the early 2000’s. I have even uncovered this sort of control agent activity in some of the bigger Churches, when I was in a group that tried to network and coordinate projects with many Houston area ministries and charity organizations.

When the Crimean referendum was portrayed by the MSM as a “Russian invasion”, When the Donbas people successfully defended themselves from NATO funded, CIA organized, genocidal private Nazi militias, then it was portrayed as “Russia invaded Ukraine.” And, when M17 was brought down, and the MSM story-line didn’t add up, hundreds of citizen journalists, and just plain ordinary people not only took video and photos with their cell phone cameras, but provided commentary, testimony, and evidence as to what they saw. Much of the evidence was unequivocal. What were the “managers” of the MSM slander projects to do? Why they funded “aggregation” sites online! Big, well funded, professional websites began springing up. These sites collected the work of all the independent and first hand journalists on the ground, and posted it on their site without attribution, then they asked for donations so they could “fight the corporate media beast”. The original content providers saw their funding dry up. It all was going to the establishment’s professional bird-doggers. That was the purpose of the project all along. If the truth leaks out the damage is already done. The only thing they can do is co-opt it and suck out all the funding.

Economic hit-men and media hit-men, often don’t have to be given money to do a job. They use techniques that are self funding. They stand to make a tidy profit at ruining your projects. They are monstrously efficient, ruinous parasites. Their only tools are their guile, lack of a conscience, and of course, their connections to powerful oligarchs. Their totem animal is the Guiana worm.

If you are thinking about putting together any projects that sidestep the present control grid, you must be prepared for such attempts as I have described. Nearly all natural organic associations form by the natural process of like minded people getting together and working out their positions, ideas and natural hierarchies. If you have a dream of establishing any organization that facilitates organic self government: I by no means wish to control, suppress, or replace these natural phenomena as the military corporate model does. I want to convince you to take a few simple steps that protect you from sabotage, calumny and ruin. You not only need to prepare for sabotage by organized enemies from outside, but from scammers, gamma-boys, bully-girls, nosy relatives, covert narcissists, and those with a ruthless monster ego lurking just below the surface. (I’ve learned to be especially wary of musicians, star athletes, and preachers. It seems to me, that they are more susceptible than average to this malady.) It is my highly educated, and experienced opinion that you must have some sort of formal vetting and procedural system for any organization bigger than a handful of people.

“But, Uncle Buildy!” You may ask, “How can we do this?”

Well, Your Uncle Buildy has been studying all manner of political science, history, Church history, Jewry, and Islamic jurisprudence for over forty years. He is well versed in The constitution, the bill of rights, the federalist papers, the writ of common law, the Soviet constitution, the politics of the Ottoman empire, the meritocracy of the Mongols, the Icelandic Althing, even the Kazzahrian dual monarchy. Uncle Buildy long ago recognized the wisdom in thinking of the various political tools and mechanisms outside of their associated ideological contexts. Political mechanisms and procedures should be regarded as useful tools and materials for building the house in which we plan to accommodate ourselves. It should be fair, efficient, defensible, and secure. It must be protected against corruption of all kinds. If I refer to the use of cells, it does not mean that I am a Communist. The cell is a very useful unit of political inventory. I have met hard core self described Bolsheviks, Monarchists, and honest to God Stalinists that are intellectual honest, have good ideas, are consistent, and ultimately want the same thing as a lot of Tea party patriots, and Q-tards. We all come from different backgrounds, traditions and cultures, but most of us want the same things. How about you? Would you like all state sanctioned lies and ridiculous nonsense to stop interfering with everything you do? Would you like to just be left alone to enjoy the fruits of your own labor, to share with those who you choose, under your own fig tree? Well, pull up a comfy chair and prepare to take notes.

Ordinary folks must organize, but direct or representative democracy is massively insufficient and inappropriate for our task. Too much opportunity for corruption as we all know. Perhaps we should consider a lottery. But then, the randomness of a lottery will not give us the best and brightest any better than our present system. Our present system, can only be identified as a Lucifaerian Kaikastocracy, because it is a system that assures the worst, most degenerate, evil and crafty people available are recruited, vetted, and put in power, often through participation in rituals, (Now called performance art.) and indulgence in unspeakable after party entertainments. What we need is the opposite of that.

What is needed is a hybrid system. How about one that starts with an invitation, goes on to a series of tests, then proceeds to a lottery. First, participants are nominated by their peers, that is, the other members of the local district that know them personally, and think they are good, mature, and trustworthy people. The nominees can then provide a detailed criminal history if they have one, and proofs of a clean record if not. Take a simple drug test, provide references of good character, explain and repent of any associations with groups that are antithetical to their association, and proposed area of responsibility. After this, they perhaps should complete (under supervision), on camera, a brief test that can be along the lines of what was required of high school graduates sixty years ago. This process will weed out morons, dope fiends, cranks, spergs, flighty unstable dingbats, and recently convicted criminals, (Perhaps administrators can allow those whose convictions are very old or unfair, case by case, as we live in such interesting times.)

I am by no means advocating the excommunication from the group of such people. They can be assets in their own way, and put to good use if they are allowed to find their proper place in the community. They just will not (and should not) be allowed in positions of critical trust, or behind the controls.

Once the preliminary vetting is done, the candidates for all positions of import will be put into a lottery. Chance should decide who from among a rank of worthy nominees will wield power in the various administration offices of the community. Why a lottery? Once our community begins to grow, it will invariably attract the attention of unsavory elements who wish to wreck, exploit, or otherwise ruin the project. Imagine the frustration the agents of the oligarchs, (Or independent diddlers,) will discover when their carefully rehearsed, and well trained plans have to depend on lady fortune to successfully infiltrate the decision making body.

Lottery election would also make grooming candidates with bribes and money before they come to power impractical. A lottery has the added benefit of making the formation of ideological or special interest parties unprofitable. Once the nominees are in power, all procedure could be done on video, with everything clear and open. Perhaps a standard, updated, and less formal version of “Robert’s Rules Of Order” could be adhered too in complex issues where there are conflicting interests. The video could be archived in an online (or offline) library, and permanently available for anyone to view at any time in the future. Openness, transparency, honesty, and fairness.

What I have just described is a simple three part system that would provide no small security from corruption, infiltration, sabotage, and even the everyday depredations of vain and stupid people. First, a nomination process of, and by peers, like the American native tribal elders, or the like the second century Church bishops. Second, testing and vetting. Third (and finally,) The lottery. This system could easily be outlined in a template, made into a digital program (on, or off line), or done with analog 20th century tools. It can (And should) be implemented for any position where the office wields financial, police, regulatory or information powers. If the template can be applied to many communities, then you would effectively have a modular interlocking geopolitical entity, that could provide for the well being of all members, as well as the protection from the depredations of the wicked, and stupid. There then, of course would be regional, and national hierarchies, departments, and offices.

Now that we have an organizational model for forming a community or series of communities that back up, complement, and support each other, what needs to be done first to form a project for creating a safe atmosphere for self sufficient, peaceful builders and farmers? In other words, what must be done first, to best start building these communities? This is a very important question, and if it is not answered correctly, the whole of our efforts will be corrupted, wasted or lost.

We will need skilled trustworthy leaders and organizers. Distinct offices or departments will eventually be needed to efficiently meet the various challenges and threats, as well as to be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves along the way. What we will need eventually, is pretty much the same as any small community needs. Once multiple communities are begun, networking infrastructure must be administered. In order to build these services and institutions in these times, the first structure should be obvious. Information internal to inform, guide, inspire, comfort, and instruct the members; and information external to meet slander, to correct misconceptions, and perhaps inspire and proselytize, the outside general public. These two functions can be met with one organ quite effectively because we are honest people with good intentions and nothing to hide. So what lack we?


Communications are important. Secure communications these days are nearly an impossibility. Secure communications are not really needed if you are not up to anything sneaky or nefarious. In fact when your enemies are indeed truthless, sneaky and nefarious, the best defense is to have a public presence to demonstrate good intention, instruction, news and doctrine which will benefit and inform, not only members, but the public at large. Such an organ is also necessary to explain our beliefs, and actions, and to elegantly foil the slanders, calumnies, and the snares set by those who wish us harm. Meeting malicious denigration with good natured humor, and no little elegance is a skill that would be very valuable in this project, and perhaps some specialists could be assembled for this purpose. A sort of special ops of letters in which I myself would dare presume to belong.

Know this my fellow conspirators; The main operating system of the entire beast system is based on slander, and fooling people. The policeman who winds up dragging you off to jail or a detention camp for going to church believes he is being a hero, and is saving innocent lives. This is because he was cultivated and groomed by TV shows and movies and the constant input from the beast media. He has skin in the game. His own ego. He has likely abused lots of people before he found you. Should he believe himself to be a hero or a brute? A hoodwinked naive tool? What do you think he will be most likely do? Repent, or double down? Not only his career, but his self image is at stake. Reason does not work. You must go over his head. Don’t waste your time attacking the monster. Attack the monster making system. A full assault on the slander deception machine will have to be done with a very pure grade of rhetoric that is fortified with truth and love. If you kill the head, the body will die. If the head is primarily composed of poisonous rhetoric, it can only be slain with medicinal rhetoric. Lies can only be unseated with truth.

Much moral damage has been done to peoples souls because the went off to war to “fight for our freedoms and way of life” then found out they were merely securing free oil, rare earth minerals, and restoring the opium trade for the billionaire oligarchs. (Stories I could tell.) Some become self destructive, some double down, some seem never to become aware they were lied to. Same with law enforcement types.

Millions of regular folk have recently been stampeded into house arrest for the advancement of a technocratic project to inventory and label the world’s people, and the excuse is a media hyped flu season. People choose their beliefs, and it is difficult to dissuaded most of them even with an avalanche of facts and evidence. The system controlled herd will always be a force to be reckoned with. We live in the midst of them. The popular conceit is that their popular opinion is their own, and it actually governs them. We are going to need tools to anchor ourselves into position, and keep them from dragging us into their minder’s plantation during one of their stampedes.

Trying to wake people up is not a profitable industry. Selling them the truth is a fool’s errand. Living as examples by minding to our business with the best of intentions, cultivating our plots, building our comfortable homes, and crafting our well made, well thought out, and often ingenious devices is all very well and good. But someone must help facilitate this, through providing news, information, instruction, and council to those within; And telling our story fairly to those without. I believe that a small army composed of carefully planned ranks of nominated, vetted, tested, editors, citizen journalists, and article writers will provide for this need quite well in any circumstance, with, or without an uncensored internet. If we know in advance that those elevated to these positions are stable, honest, intelligent fearless and well educated (in the classical sense, which includes autodidacts such as myself.) there should be no unpleasant surprises, distracting dramas, or resentful sabotage in this project.

It can start as a club. Several scattered enclaves of people with a peculiar system of self organization as their defining custom. People of all walks of life, all ages, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds doing their thing their own way under the protection of an open, honest, and transparent procedural system. It could easily grow with God’s blessing, Inshallah, into a parallel government. Perhaps the corrupt and truthless slave system can collapse on its own, without taking us with it.

Now you may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. We hope someday you’ll join us. And a vision of the Kingdom of God will be seen by the world. A city on a hill. At least a little village on a hill.


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