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Returning to the ways of the ancestors. Which ancestors?

You all know about Marina Abramović, the weird satanic guru to the rich self-indulgent elites, right?

You wouldn't give her your money through a charity would you?

Well, here is another one who is quite similar, only younger, and with a distinct low-brow Nazi tinge. But you probably have already given some charity dollars to her without knowing it. Olena Semenyaka, the black metal, Lucifarian, pan Slavic, feminist, guru who is the leader of the international Azov political/religious network.

If you are well informed, you likely know that the Azov battalion is the main Nazi order in Ukraine who were absorbed into the actual Ukrainian military as National Guards. They have enormous political power there, and the US and NATO is just fine with them, as they have been daily committing genocide and war crimes against Russians for 8 years. Olena is not just the figurehead and high priestess of the rapidly forming Azov religion. She is the international secretary of the Azov corps, a multi-facetted international movement that gets funding from the nearly eighty year old, CIA established, cold war Nazi insurgent apparatus woven throughout the Ukrainian diaspora civil society in the US and especially Canada. Now, because of all the billions spent (Mostly from US taxpayers.) on the PR campaign in the corporate world and media, A lot of well meaning ordinary citizens are donating to "charities" to help the "poor little Ukrainian underdog" and their "fearless president" fight off the giant Russian monster. They are really funding a war crimes normalization project done by an international network of actual Nazi enthusiasts. They are also funding training and schools to bring up young children in a sort of "Bandera Youth" indoctrination curriculum. So Americans may balk at things that are being taught in their public schools such as transgender studies and critical race theory, but actual blind, raging hatred for Russians is being taught to Ukrainian school children in public schools where Azov activists have positioned themselves. This has been going on since the US sponsored coup in 2014 There are also summer camps run by the neo-Nazis that train these children battlefield skills they will need if they are to successfully wage a genocidal war against the Russian population who found themselves inside the shifting borders of the composite country we call Ukraine.

The children are first taught a fantasy version of history that the US seems now to endorse, that Ukraine was the "original European civilization" and has a continuous existence that goes back at least a thousand years. They are taught that the Russians are really Asian mongrels and genetically inferior. According to this doctrine, the "Moskals" somehow infiltrated and stole the glorious shining sparkly Ukrainian culture and hid it from the world. They then began to enslave them.

Marina Abramović and Olena Semenyaka are very similar in many ways. They are both unapologetically what all normal people would call evil. They are attracted to various death fetishes and satanic rituals. They try to validate their beliefs by referring to Pagans in the distant past, as though human brutality can be justified because some of our ancient ancestors practiced it. I would point out that again and again those ancestors were defeated. Their barbaric practices eliminated by our other ancestors who were better than them.

Much better.

Meet Ukraine’s Azov Figurehead Olena Semenyaka, Europe’s Female Führer – The Greanville Post

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