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Russia's Information War, A Victorious Failure.

The Us/UK/NATO complex have given billions upon billions to the astonishingly corrupt puppet state Ukraine. Their stated reason is to "fight Russian aggression." This hackneyed, vacuous trope has become the trademark for keeping the dollars flowing into the Somalia of Europe. Who benefits? The many oligarchs, kleptocratic political animals, and weapons industries in the West. Tax money goes in; Bribes, kickbacks, big contracts, free resources for US and EU industries, the destruction of all possible competition, fees, and absurdly high salaries for worthless degenerates who happen to belong to Western political families.

The delusion must be maintained that the giant infusion of tax money and donations are helping a plucky little underdog that just wants freedom to fight off the aggressive brainless savage that is trying to take over the world and happened to have decided to begin with Ukraine. If the American taxpayers were to know the truth, they would take action. the plan would be thwarted. some dismantling and disengagement of the system will take place. Some people will be blamed and ideally put on trial for war crimes and more.

Too prevent that from happening, over 150 private public relations firms are coordinated by "The Virtual PR Agency" run by Nicky Regazzoni and Francis Ingham. These people have close ties with the UK government, have worked for Britain’s Conservative Party. One sits on the UK Government Communication Service Strategy and Evaluation Council, is Chief Executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organization, and leads the membership body for UK local government communicators, LG Comms. No wonder the narrative is everywhere. These are very well-connected people who have access to powerful decision makers and receive all the resources they need and then some.

There is a handsome profit to be made in deceiving people and getting them to buy things that they don't need and even things that are harmful to them. It is called marketing. And there may even be more profit in selling people narratives and ideas that are not true and will be extremely harmful for both them, and a political scape-goat. This is called public relations, or PR. The ability to paint a corrupt, stupid, thuggish, genocidal maniac as the heroic victim, and the actual victim and the actual heroes as greedy brutes and aggressive thugs, is not outside the realm of possibility when one is as well-equipped and connected as the above mentioned organizations.

This is a multi million dollar PR campaign. It is perhaps the largest, and most effective PR campaign ever. And it is all to support and try to cover up a cesspool of corruption. I have seen the results of this campaign from many perspectives. I view it entirely from the outside. I live in Crimea, and know what have been done to the people of Donbas. I have watched and listened the the relentless stream of mindless, logically inconsistent and self contradictory lies being proffered in the West for eight years, and now it seems to have reached a crescendo.

What have Russia done to counter such lies? Well, I have seen that too. I am actually a bit of an insider. I have attended meetings with some fairly well known experts in the field. Journalists, Philosophers, Historians, Political science experts. I was invited to some brain storming sessions to help come up with an effective way to counter the lies. What was come up with was certainly not overwhelming. Russians are like Judo masters, they do not meet brute force with brute force. The force expended against Russia takes energy and has a logic that the deliverer of that force may not even understand. There does not appear to be any funding for counter propaganda in Russia. If there is, then very little of it filters down to the journalists, bloggers and those with their boots on the ground. Russia already have a media, and their media would be in big trouble if they were to start dolling out the Western lies about the war. Russian media shows what the US media and the BBC says about it. People here laugh at the West's absurd lies when they are shown on Russian television.

But the West have banned Russian media in their own empire. Only domestically approved system lies are allowed. The top tier who seem to be running the show believe, like Donald Rumsfeld, that "We are creating our own reality. And while you are contemplating that one, we are creating another, new reality." Was he talking about PR? Or perhaps the special effects of 911? Maybe the show in Afghanistan? Have they have left all pretense of morality in the dust? Of course they lie. They lie as a first approach. They lie even when it is not even necessary. They have built these last twenty years an Empire of lies. They even de-platform video channels and bloggers who contradict the narrative.

Russia needs to be heard in the West, but doesn't seem to think of it as a very important priority. There is a powerful advantage when the truth is on your side. Perhaps the top Russian decision makers plan is to just let the West stew in her own lies until she dissolves. That seems to be their approach to the economic war, and I can see that it will work. Already in the economic sphere, the West is doomed. Doomed and soon to be irrelevant. So perhaps the lies are simply like chaff that the inevitable wind will soon drive away as though they had never been.

It is almost as if a good man were put on trial by a room full of braying idiots who have accused him of myriad horrible crimes that they themselves have perpetrated. What should he answer? Is it worthwhile to even attempt to address the charges? Especially when they put a big sign behind him that says, "Anything he says is a lie by definition!" They have gagged all his witnesses and won't let him speak anyway. But in this case, he can take solace in the fact that their entire system, their hold on power, and their ability to prosecute is about to be suddenly destroyed. It is inevitable.

I remember reading about something like that before. Something that happened a long time ago. I think it was in Mathew 27.

Then Pilate asked Him, “Do You not hear how many charges they are bringing against You?” But Jesus gave no answer, not even a single charge, much to the governor's amazement.

That is an unusual way to respond. A good example to follow. The game is rigged why even play it?

These lies. It just gets more and more obvious. It just gets more and more ridiculous. The reason we have morals, and the reason that civilized people don't do things like the West are doing, is because it will eventually cause sudden unescapable destruction to fall upon them. Sure as night follows day.

So where does this leave all of us? I, like many others have been trying to counter these lies beginning 8 years ago. I supported myself and my family with my work as a machine builder on contracts in the US. I spent nearly all my spare time blogging, writing persuading and commenting. I was driven to do it. When I saw a ridiculous lie in the media, I would attack it like a berserker. I saw many people on the internet who had a nice number of subscribers but they were not interested in the truth. I studied them a bit, and saw that a living could be made from it, but it doesn't seem that folks are very interested in the truth. I continued to go back and forth from my home to the US and each time I went there to work, it was like stepping off a space ship into an alien planet. The US was changing fast, and not for the better.

I recently got sucked into doing my writing, research and blogging full time. Last January, I knew it was time to go home. I knew I was likely not going to be able to come back. I could see that something was going to happen. I was not quite prepared, but I was right. I hastily tried to put together a network to support myself, and with some little successes. All the components are there. I just need more exposure. Of course the Swift system has now been unplugged for us here. Not that all is lost, it is just yet another layer of expense on those of us who are deemed "Disinformation spreaders" by the smart set. Where does that leave me? No income, no savings, a rapidly growing pile of overdue bills. An angry wife, and three kids that have no idea what is happening.

Should I continue in this war? I think Russia will be fine. Russia does not seem to think the information war is needed. Like Christ before Pilot, she is silent. Waiting for the full, clear, and irrevocable victory.

So who needs me? What should I do now? I can't go back to my old way of making a living, as there is no way to get the money back to my family. besides, I think the West will very soon, no longer be a place to make money. I should do what I love. I'm a pretty good writer, and an inciteful guy with a lot of experience, and I have been an eye-wittness to may strange things in many strange places. But, who needs me?

America does!

I don't have to go back over there. It may soon be very dangerous. Americans are going to soon be victims of their own credulity and stunted thinking. It is all coming back on them soon enough. And rightly so. What so few of them seem to be aware of, is that there is a giant cave full of monsters that are about to come scampering out of all the holes to do to them, what they have done to Ukraine. I can help. I am an expert. I have wisdom and understanding and experience. I am an asset. I know the networks, I know how they think. They are predictable. I know what they are capable of. You can think of them as a battle hardened adult Antifa with an axe to grind, a score to settle, and one hella grudge. Americans need truth, and they are going to have to pay for it. They will one way or another. Russia already has truth. She will be just fine.

I need an influx of cash quickly or I will be silenced for lack of a laptop, camera, internet and VPN. I have to pay my bills first and get my family on a good footing. Americans and other Westerners can only at this time, give to my funding site, or direct to my bank account. I can only get it by taking a trip to a nearby third country, or even back to the US (Where there may be officials who may have many rude questions for me.) There has to be a significant amount for me to retrieve. there are no stop gap measures. I need a big wad to catch up, then get me through the next three months. I am counting on American traditionalists, patriots, truthers, Trumpers and conservatives. I have very grave concerns for you and I have many things that you really need to hear. You need to prepare for very dangerous times. They re coming soon. There are many who know exactly how best to deceive you. I have been working to curtail their works and expose them for 8 years for absolutely free.

The 80 year old ideological, economic nd command structure that inculcated, supported and controlled the Nazi activity in Ukraine are woven throughout the USA and Canadian civic fabric. They know how revolutions are staged and coopted. They know how to (And likely have already.) put their people into key positions in critical areas. For example, the police chief, the prosecutor, and the coroner. They are sore losers, and they already hate you. I aim to do what I can to prepare people. The American people I know, realize that they need to be self reliant, well organized, and they need to have a clear vision of what they want for the future (An Ideology.) and how to achieve it, or else they will be hijacked. Like the Ukrainians, they will be steered into a horrifying, slow motion hell on earth because they chose to believe hateful, preposterous and obvious lies. Please help me to keep working against them.

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