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The Art of Choosing, Honoring, and Emulating Heroes.

Brian Mast is a gosh darned hero by any and all modern American standards.

There is no way to dispute that. His accomplishments are impressive and indisputable. He said that all he ever wanted to do is to serve his country. It runs in his blood from his father and his uncles. And serve he did. In the US army for 12 years no less. under the elite Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) as a bomb disposal expert.

In this humble man's own words, "While I was able to detect and destroy most of these IED’s, the very last IED I found resulted in sustained catastrophic injuries, which included the loss of both my legs. During this time in service, I was awarded medals for valor, merit, and sacrifice, to include The Bronze Star Medal, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, The Purple Heart Medal, and The Defense Meritorious Service Medal."

Egad! I read that he was operating out of Kandahar until 2010. of all places! Zounds! I may have met the man myself as I was there as a mere contractor from 2004 to 2008.

This man is a bigger than life example of what Americans love to honor and emulate. This is a man who sustained horrifying injuries while serving his country. And yet, did he mope around and wait for someone to give him a handout? Did he whine and claim he got a sour deal? Of course not! Come hell or high water he has proven that he is a man who accomplishes what he has set out to do.

Brian Mast, despite all his injuries (Or perhaps because of them) pushed himself onward and upward. He just found new and powerful ways to serve his country. Again, I will let the man speak for himself.

"Ten years later, I’m the father of four beautiful munchkins. When I woke up in the hospital, I didn’t have a college degree and didn’t know what my life would be like now that my Army service had been cut dramatically short. Ten years later, I’ve earned a degree from Harvard, and I have the opportunity every day to go out there and fight for the community I call home as a representative in Congress. Ten years ago, I had no relationship with The Lord, and today, I have a faith that keeps me at peace through all trials."

So, our Brian is an influencer, and rightly so. Now the question is what would he have us to do? Well, I found out about Brian when I saw that he had posted a page on his website inviting us to sign a “Message of support for President Zelensky!

Zelensky! This guy.

How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (

Really? How under Heaven could it be that a gosh darned genuine war hero endorses such a weak, cowardly corrupt degenerate murderer?

How indeed? Well, friends and neighbors, When I discover some glaring logical inconsistencies in my heroes, I grab my digital shovel and begin to dig.

It seems that our boy Brian is really not that different than his buddy Zelensky.

It seems that he bought he bought $TLRY before voting in support of the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act in late 2020,” the report points out. Tilray is a marijuana company. The legislation he voted for would effectively help the company he invested in.

But wait you may say, perhaps he is just really good at picking stocks. He is a gosh darned hero after all! I would point out that he did better than Nancy Pelosi. Look at the chart on the right, He had a better spread than Nancy frigging Pelosi!

Another thing you may want to look at is a wee little scandal he had on his social media. It seems he thought a good idea to congratulate his friend Rocco LeDonni who had just gone to South Africa by posting "im so proud of you... i hope you hook up with at least fifteen 15 year olds over there.... its legel there right.'

Two years later, LeDonni asked in a May 20, 2011, post: "Anyone have any good pick up lines for this weekend considering according to the crazy christian radio guy the world may end on sunday?" Mast, by then convalescing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, responded: "How about don't turn this rape into a murder."

Congressman Brian Mast made comment about sex with 15-year-olds and rape in Facebook posts | Daily Mail Online

When confronted with the post he had made, Brian Mast responded “A decade ago when I was in the Army, and following my injury, I made disgusting and inappropriate jokes that I am embarrassed to have associated with my name today." and “I am sorry about that part of who I was, and I strive every day to be a better example for my kids.”

The problem being, Mast referenced his 2010 injury, when he lost both of his legs after an IED explosion. He had made the post in 2009 before his injury.

I suppose none of us are perfect, but then not many of us get to make over 500% on our large investments by passing laws the rest of us must be affected by. I like to think that not many of us (Especially those in critical command of others in dangerous professions.) show such bad judgement and even worse character by making a casual public post encouraging a friend (Later campaign manager.) to copulate with 15 adolescent girls because it might be "legel there right," And we should also notice the post Brian made two years later suggesting what he thought would be a good end of the world pick up line. "How about don't turn this rape into a murder." Now just think about that for a minute.

Americans love their heroes don't they? How dare I speak ill of someone who lost his legs in service of his country? How dare I indeed? We need heroes don't we? what do I know about them? I never served. I was just a private contractor.

I have actually known quite a few heroes over the years. A lot of people have dangerous jobs. I'll bet North Atlantic fishermen have a higher injury and fatality rate than bomb disposal experts. I wouldn't be surprised if construction workers did as well. Few people seem to know this, but more contractors died in the last two wars than soldiers. Look it up. We got the same pay per hour, same uplift, few, if any benefits, and we could be fired any time for any reason. My first week in Kandahar, two of my my fellow contractors were fatally perforated by a 107 that went off in front of their tent. Buy the ticket and take the ride. We knew what could happen. Isn't it the same game for the military? If you have an answer, please let me know.

Why are military personnel so venerated? Americans fetishize their decorated war veterans.

I think it is a good idea to show them respect, but this virtue signaling obeisance is kind of embarrassing for a lot of them. And it is a useful tool for those with ambition. You should beware of ambitious men especially when they put themselves in a position to rule over you and if they have questionable characters. Can you call into question a decorated vet's character? Why not? are you afraid too? I'm not.

It is my belief that this entire edifice must come down. Veterans are just like anyone else. They are ordinary folks who took risks, they sometimes received injuries. Ideally they got paid and taken care of. They are not automatically someone who should be unassailable and listened to as though they were by status, a paragon of wisdom and virtue. And, like all other ordinary folks, if they go to Washington, you had better not give them a pass on anything. There have been some good ones that had a life of public service. But then there were others. John (Gimme the @##%&* Money) Murtha, John (give war a chance) McCain, John (unfit for command) Keery. All exploited their veteran status in one way or another.

Brian Mast is sketchy. He goes to church, and says he has a "...relationship with The Lord, and today, I have a faith that keeps me at peace through all trials." Do you suppose he is at peace when passing legislation that affects millions of people in his state, because he is poised to make a 500+ % return on his stock trades? How about when he miss-remembers whether his disgusting post about the 15 year olds was before or after his traumatic injury?

What exactly is the nature of this "relationship" does the Lord require anything of him, or just give away free peace? How does endorsing Zelensky figure into all of this peace?

Brian Mast is an ordinary man that got his legs and finger blown off while getting paid to do a job. Brian Mast seems to not be too keen on looking into who he is asking people to support. Either that, or he is just another powerful criminal who is doing his part to bring in the tyrannical, murderous NWO. So he is either crooked or stupid. It does not matter which. They both have the same effect.

I have looked into all his material on his websites and what statements he has made over the years, (With and without handlers and PR flunkies.) all that I could easily find in an afternoon, that is. With that in mind, I am going to lean towards stupid. His grammar is not indicative of someone who is particularly well educated or smart. I would say it is a bit below average.

Harvard degree or not, Brian Mast seems to be just another dull witted, grasping opportunistic oaf who fell into some political power he does not deserve. And now he is asking us to support the New World Order's main murder puppet, Zelensky. So what are you going to do?

Those of us who dig have seen the NWO prototype in Ukraine.

Don't forget to write your congressperson. They really really care about you. Really really.

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