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The guide to interpreting what Nuland and Kirby are really saying about the biolabs in Ukraine.

Many of us have been befuddled by the seemingly contradictory statements made by the officials, spokes-persons, official spokespersons, designated puppets, and elected officials, including the officiously "elected" officials of the complex multi-organizationally organized complex we call the Western power structure. Fortunately, I have by accident, struck upon the core of the matter. I have found the main root of the problem so to speak. I've discovered the Rosetta stone, if you will, to finally making sense of all of it. Here is where the trail leads. Here is how I came across the key to understanding Western policy and factual statements.

Victoria Nuland was politely invited by the Russian Federal government (State Duma) to answer some questions about the biolabs that had been found in Ukraine. Why Nuland? Well, it was after all, she who confirmed their existence during her testimony in front of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. But wait, did she really do that? If you are a good responsible US citizen who takes things from Russia and China with a grain of salt, if you are a patriot, and trust your elected, (Snerk!) officials and take them at their word, what should you do? Why you should Google it! When you Google "Victoria Nuland admitted that US has biolabs in Ukraine," you are taken directly to "independent foreign factcheckers from Myth Detector,, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Dispatch. and VoxCheck." The banner space in these pages proudly tells us that they are "Debunking fakes in partnership with Facebook." So what more do you need? Old Cookie girl can just forward one of these pages to the Russian State Duma and be done with it, right?

The only problem with this strategy is that the Russian State Duma are not like Western journalists. They are not like the current American public. How can I describe them? They are like American journalists used to be until about fifty years ago. They will ask hard questions that are not in the format handed to them by the editors and owners of the US media, who sit on the boards of the companies behind many of the programs related to these biolabs. They are like the American public's own grandfather's, who took action against their own government when they found out they were being lied to.

We can examine the exchange in question in the way the Russian State Duma would. When Senator Marco Rubio asked Victoria Nuland whether Ukraine has biological or chemical weapons. The Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs did not claim that Ukraine had such weapons. Instead, she only said that there are laboratories in Ukraine whose materials could become dangerous in the hands of the "Russian aggressor". She did not say that the laboratories belonged to the United States. Of course they do not "belong" to the US, The US set them up in Ukraine because they are illegal under both US and international law. The US uses proxies for everything. They have done so in earnest since the 1980's Rubio did not follow up with a question like the Russians are asking. The Russian questions are public record and are as follows. (Hell, the mutha-freaking ANSWERS are even public record! I'll just save us all a bunch of time and include them here as well.)

Q1- Who SET UP the biolabs in Ukraine?

A1- The Obama administration entered into partnership agreements to launch bioweapons programs in Ukraine after the Orange revolution put Viktor Andriyovych Yushchenko into power. (And guess who does color revolutions?)

Q1, part two- Why did they set up the biolabs in Ukraine?

A1, part two- The US policy of containment, control and dismantling the Soviet Union did not decline when the Soviet Union dissolved, in fact, it ramped up to take full advantage of Russia's weak position to basically try to finish her off.

Evidence? First Brzezinski, then Rand.


Since 2019- Nonviolent Ways the United States Could Exploit Russian Vulnerabilities

Notice the nasty little note added to the bottom of this 2019 document. They really do think you're stupid. Firehose of falsehood? Really?

Q2- Who has been supervising the biolabs?

A2- Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. First, as vice president, then former vice president, now as currently "elected" president. Let's go Brandon coordinated the activities of the executors of the military biological program, whilst pursuing opportunities for family financial shenanigans. Old poopy pants was given free reign over the Ukraine project in general, of which biolabs were merely a part. You could say he was the project manager. Since things have become complicated recently and because of his progressing dementia, his patrons in the DNC (Nuland's circle?) seem to have taken control just before the current Russian police action. This would neatly explain the carelessness of not tiding things up, or even practicing a modicum of operational security during a time of great chaos. This adequately answers the argument that "If the US did have bioweapons labs, they wouldn't just leave them lying about for the Ruskies to find." No not intentionally.

Q3- Did any of the research target any particular ethic groups?

A3- First let's establish the perceived plausibility of such targeting. Is it even possible? The British medical Association seemed to think so back in 1999. In fact 23 years ago, they said we were only 5 years away from having ethno-specific bioweapons.

BMA warns of arrival of genetic weapons - PMC (

And, if you think that the BMA may have just been being silly, The USAF counterproliferation center at the USAF air war college seems to have been on the same page in 2002. Microsoft Word - ainscough paper edited.doc (

Notice how it says it is counterproliferation technology. I encourage you to read the document in order to get a sense of the mindset of these slippery people. They actually want you to believe that they are engaged in research to find ways to "counter" a bioterror attack that uses genetically targeting bioweapons. Of course to counter such an attack, you'd have to first invent such a weapon right? But don't worry, it is just for us good guys to study. Good lord son! Is that a pipe-bomb you are making? Why no dad! Of course not! I'm worried that bad people like my big sister may be thinking about making one, so I am conducting research for countering it. No, really. They think we are stupid.

Then there is this. In November of 2017, It was reported that the US Air Force said it was collecting Russian DNA samples for “research” purposes only, after Russian President Vladimir Putin raised concerns about the practice and its possible use in biological warfare.

I can attest this is not fake news, I investigated it and commented on it at the time. It's in my archives on Discuss and Facebook.

US military says collecting Russian DNA for ‘research purposes’

What's the matter? Don't you trust them? They really do think you are stupid.

Q4- Why has this kind of research been banned in the US?

A4- Any idiot knows the answer to that question. These things are dangerous, and can go sideways on you real fast.

Russians generally don't ask stupid questions. They are not American Journalists, or British prime ministers. They are Russians. When they ask a question like this, they are not really asking a question, they are making a point. This kind of point is often lost on Americans and Westerners in general because of their deeply media conditioned prejudices and attitude towards Russia. Many of my readers may be such conditioned Westerners, so I'll spell it out for them.

If you absolutely do not want this evil creepy disgusting program in your own country, then perhaps if you pray to baby Jesus really really hard, you will begin to understand why we do not want it here in Russia.

The Imperial cookie distributor has declined the polite invitation of the Russian Duma. No official explanations have been provided to the Russians, or anyone else by the leading citizens of the indispensable, shining nation on a hill.

What has been provided, are circumlocutional diversions and vacuous emblematic substitutions for real information.

When John Kirby was asked, about the Ukrainian labs, he emphatically said "We are not developing bio-weapons in Ukraine!" And he is correct. The US is not developing bio-weapons in Ukraine. They are managing private executors to do so under supervision. Neither are they funding them. Their development has been funded by NGOs and private sources such as Soros Investment Fund, Ecohealth Alliance, and Pilot Growth, just to name a very few. What should be asked, is who is directing and allocating the funding. I'm sure that is one of the things the Russians would ask. Bloody hell, it is one of the things I would ask, and I am just an industrial mechanic with no university degree.

Another question that the Russians would ask, is who benefits from this research? Who gets to use the data, and patent the results? Detective Columbo would ask that question. So would my former co-worker Anthony Henry who has been a coal miner, and master metal fabricator for decades, and I am pretty sure has never been to Harvard Journalism school, but I am also pretty sure he would ask that question. He would ask iot really loud and forceful like. The answer to this is also easy to find. You can guess it if your sharp. it is Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, Lilly, Gilead,...You know, the usual suspects.

The profits go into the portfolio of the major stock holders such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and numerous congress critters. and other reliable people who can accept campaign contributions. The reliable people who cannot accept campaign contributions can get lucrative contracts, posh jobs, and perhaps even some nonconventional forms of payment tokens such as one of Hunter's valuable paintings which are very desirable to the billionaire managerial crowd for their daring artistic style. Do you know what a money laundry receipt looks like?

The Russians have even made a flow chart showing the organizational system that is in play.

If this is a disinformation firehose, how come it all lines up with 100% of the evidence and events surrounding this system? They are counting on you to be stunned by the cute slogan "The Firehose of Falsehood." Umm,.. yeah, we'll just go with that. just go with that. They think you are stupid.

Russians are really good at seeing context and patterns. They are very aware of how these types of systems work. These types of things are illegal in Russia.

The key to it all is really quite simple. And yet it seems to be invisible to most Americans. I think I know why, but that is a subject for another time. The key is in how these people think. How psychopaths in general think, and more importantly how they communicate. They loudly and emphatically tell part of the truth in order to deceive. When they dig their pits, and set their snares, they do it in such a way that it looks like they are helping the poor, thwarting bullies, deposing dictators, and bringing development, peace and democracies to the poor savages and victims all over the planet. Just like they did to Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Serbia. You get the idea.

They funded and equipped the mujahedeen to keep Afghanistan from becoming another Soviet Republic like Uzbekistan. (The horror!) I just returned from Uzbekistan last week. It is pretty nice. I saw what happened to Afghanistan firsthand from 2004 until 2008. Vietnam fell to the communists and was lost forever right? You can go there now as a tourist if you like. I know people who have. It is pretty nice since it recovered from the US "saving" it. The US recently tried to save Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine. They always indiscriminately bomb public infactstructure, and civilian homes. They fund, arm and command proxies to do their dirty work, whilst pretending to fight them. They create false stories of brave plucky little underdogs fighting off a bully for public consumption. They hire private and semi-private PR firms to feed the public what it needs to keep believing. They established corporate looting channels to extract oil and gold from Syria, Gold from Venezuela Gold from Iraq, rare earth minerals and opium from Afghanistan, Gold, black earth, amber, grain and timber from Ukraine. If a country has industrial infactstructure like Ukraine, it is destroyed, cut up for scrap, and legislated out of existence. Monsanto and Shell, Exon etc. moves in, and austerity is implemented. Mercenaries from other countries, are put in charge of freed criminals from the prisons, and violent cults are cultivated if there is time. They become the hellish goons that terrorize the population and assure they will have great difficulty in rising up against their new masters.

Can Americans be brought to a place where they can see this for what it is? Can they hear it from Russia?

The pits your leaders have dug, you are going to fall into them unless you wake up and embrace the truth. Those snares your leaders set, you are about to get caught in them if you do not put aside your pride and prejudices and listen.

Know that your entire edifice is putrefied all the way through. Admit it, then the scales will fall from your eyes and you, like the Russians will be able to interpret what Nuland and Kirby are really saying about the biolabs in Ukraine..

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