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The immediate future of uncensored information is Telegram.

I am surprised I am still on Facebook. I am extremely limited, but I still can make posts, and people who follow me can check regularly and see them. I used to have a magazine on Facebook, but they made it disappear. No expatiation, no strikes, no violations. They actually locked up my entire account. When I inquired as to what was going on, they claimed that they were "Concerned for my security because they think someone may have hacked it."

I filled out all their forms and protested it. Lo and behold, to my surprise, they quietly re-instated my regular account, but my page "American Thought Criminal" was gone without a trace. No explanation, no arguments. It was as though it had never existed.

I am on YouTube, now, but their record is pretty bad. I don't expect to be left alone there. I am on Rumble, and soon will be on Patreon as well I will need subscribers there as soon as I get up and running. There will be a paywall, but it will be very little. It does work as some insurance legally, because when the readers sign up for a monthly service, the platform provider cannot legally de-platform the contractor for vague community standards tropes. That would constitute tortious interference. They have been successfully sued over it several times, and they may have learned their lesson by now.

The serious information war fighters here in Russia have been telling me that the future is on Telegram. They know their systems very well and it behooves those of us who wish to share information or just be informed to go there.

Some of my friends and followers may be hesitant to get a smartphone. The way I understand it, you can download TextNow App from Windows Store on your PC and from the App Store on your Mac. After downloading TextNow, open the App and follow the onscreen instructions to setup TextNow. … Make sure that you Note down your free TextNow Phone Number, as you will need this to enter into Telegram. I hope my information is up to date. Remember your Uncle Buildy is not a techie, and your results may vary.

When you get on Telegram and get familiar with it, please join this channel-

Thanks very much and stay in the know and in the truth.

Uncle Buildy.

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