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The core of the phenomena of fake news is the supplanting of real "organic" journalists with a synthetic replacement. This synthetic replacement has a very different fundamental purpose than the original, although it has camouflaged itself in the external trappings of the original. It is the result of a corruption process much like the way bread becomes moldy over time if it is not replaced or is kept in the wrong environment.

It is as if a mass murderer were to disguise himself as a doctor, then go about his ugly business of poisoning people undetected. The ruse will work for a while. Despite the shouts of those who do see through it, the general population will continue to go to this doctor and take his prescriptions. They will of course dismiss the warnings of their more discerning friends as propaganda, or disinformation or a conspiracy theory. They will point out that he is a doctor after all, don't you see the white coat? Don't you see the stethoscope and medical bag? His writing is illegible, and he compulsively washes his hands while mumbling incoherent mumbo jumbo. They seem blind to the fact that these signals are also indicative of a person who is insane.

Being a journalist, like being a doctor, was originally a calling. Doctors were those who had such iron willed and rationally tempered compassion for the suffering that they took it upon themselves to use all of their resources and abilities to find ways to cure them. They dedicated themselves to finding ways of discovering the biological mechanisms that determined sickness and more importantly what was needed for the reestablishment of good health. Often, they used their own resources, and earnestly helped the poor as well as the rich. Those who could pay, and sometime patrons and governments gladly endowed their efforts because the doctors were doing a good thing and were needed.

Of course, the prestige of really good doctors became apparent. and sometimes they would receive a substantial reward for their work often by a grateful wealthy family. This of course attracted ruthless, unprincipled imitators. They were not the least concerned with curing people, and alleviating suffering. They merely craved the money and prestige, and they were willing to do anything to get it.

In such a situation the entire edifice of medicine morphed into a rigid, fraudulent system controlled by the very worst stripe of psychopaths that society had to offer. the system no longer healed the sick, they poisoned people. They no longer alleviated suffering, they caused it. And the new synthetic doctors got rich and famous doing it. Huge well funded associations were formed, and real doctors were pushed out of it. Real doctors are generally not good at PR, and money grubbing. Psychopaths are. Real doctors interfere with the profit making systems of the synthetics. The synthetics vehemently hate and conspire against the original organic doctors.

But what about journalists? Do we now have synthetic journalists?

Real journalism, like real doctoring, is a calling. A real journalist does what ever it takes to discover the truth and bring it to the people who are suffering under lies. A real journalist is not the least bit concerned about his "career" or climbing a corporate ladder. A real journalist will tell the truth no matter what it costs. Synthetic journalists hate the real journalists. They attack them whenever they see them. They try to discredit them, intimidate them and to get them de-platformed.

It is easy to be a synthetic journalist. In truth, the real job title should not even be "journalist." It should be "Public Relations flunky." They are after all nothing but lower level distributers who organize and distribute stock materials handed to them by large PR corporations whose clients are the various government, NGO, and global corporate actors. This consortium of actors want to steer the general population towards the exploitive geopolitical goals they have agreed upon at their various think tanks and forums. The synthetic journalists are sometimes allowed to write their own commentary on the designated story, but only by following language guidelines, using key messages, and referring to "Authorities" and "experts".

Ukraine’s Propaganda War: International PR Firms, DC Lobbyists and CIA Cutouts (

I have known some real journalists personally. I know quite a few now. None of them are rich or famous. They have to contend with having worn out equipment, and very little money. Like the original Christian church of the first and second centuries, they are a ragtag group of poor oppressed unwanted people who are beset on every side. And like the first and second century Christian church, they will prevail. They can not help but prevail because whether they are they are Orthodox, protestant, Muslim, agnostic or even atheist, they are in love with the truth.

Pilot said "What is truth?" Christ said "I am the way the truth and the light." The universe is made out of truth. The reality of what actually is. The Logos. The Word. Every atom is held in place by the logic of truth. The fight is real, and the glory of triumph is real, But it has already been decided. The truth can not do anything but prevail.

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